Top 8 Reasons Why Visitors Are Leaving Your Site & How To Fix Them!

Posted on 6 June, 2018 by Rachel in

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It can be extremely frustrating to pour your heart and soul into your web design just to find you have a steadily increasing bounce rate! SO why are they leaving and what can you do to keep them?

Our Top 8 Reasons

1) Bad Navigation

This is the cause of a lot of frustration for your visitors. They’ve landed on your site, they know what they want or where they want to head but they can’t find it due to bad navigation. In a digital world with hundreds of competitors, visitors are more likely to pop off to another site than spend time figuring yours out. Your navigation should be simple, easy to use and make good use of categories and subheadings.

2) Too Many Ads

Here’s one we’re all familiar with! We all know how annoying it is to have ads popup and thrown in our face at every digital turn! Sometimes the allure of the revenue clouds your judgement. Don’t lose visitors to this though. Keep your site neat, clean and to the point. Ad space should be small, tasteful and not too distracting from the purpose of your site.

3) Bad Content Structure

This is a little similar to bad navigation its all about the user journey. Your content should have a flow to it and tell a story rather than disjointed pieces of information. Different categories of content should be easily searched and found. Your contact information should be clearly visible.

4)  Obtrusive Use Of Audio And Video

Audio and video are both great ways to engage your visitors and get a message across in an easily digestible format. However, if these are too intrusive such as videos that automatically play or audios that are very loud it’s more of a distraction to you visitor. Give users the option to click and play, use engaging captions to make them want to!

5) The registration Requirement

I understand as a site owner you’re probably very keen to have users sign up to registration and membership areas. However, to the user this is a barrier between them and your information. You should aim to keep all barriers to a minimum and have your site freely available to anybody. Keep registrations and mailing lists as an option.

6) Boring Content, Boring Design

There’s nothing so off putting as a dull website! Users have the entire of the internet at their fingertips if you can’t interest and engage them then you won’t keep them! Try using a story telling narrative or discussing hot topics!

7) Poor Legibility

Poor legibility is another barrier between your viewers and the message you’re trying to get across. Common examples are illegible fonts, pale colours on pale backgrounds and small font size. Yes, cursive fonts look pretty but for the visually impaired they are a reason to hop off your site. Try using contrasting background and font colours and a more mainstream font.

8) Lack Of Frequency

It may appear to your visitors that you are no longer active as your site hasn’t been updated in a while. This can lead many to leave a page in search of one a little more up to date. Keep your interactivity regular whether that be daily weekly or monthly, your visitors will come to recognise your pattern. Try posting a regular blog discussing interesting industry relevant topics.

Long Story Short…

Having a high bounce rate can damage other areas of your brand such as SEO and see you leaving Google’s rankings. Use these tips as a guideline to get your site back on track and keep those visitors longer!

Let us know what else you think can send a user running form your site in the comments section below!

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