Landing Pages: 5 Ways To Boost Your Conversion Rate In 2019

Posted on 26 Aug, 2018 by Paul in

infographic about 5 ways to improve conversion rate by improving your websites landing page

banner about 5 ways to improve conversion rate by improving your websites landing page
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When web designers and digital marketers refer to a landing page, they mean a web page that a visitor will first see, or ‘land’ on. All digital marketers agree on how effective they are at securing engagements and ultimately conversions. However, many web designers overlook them.

We bring you five reasons and tips why you should, firstly ensure landing pages exist on your site, and secondly, how to make sure they generate the maximum possible return.

1) Create Landing Pages To Reflect Your Marketing Campaigns

We’ve already seen that many marketers overlook landing pages altogether so by ensuring you have them you’ve already given yourself an edge over competitors who haven’t. By the same token approximately 52% neglect to build a relevant landing page when embarking on a fresh campaign. Most marketing campaigns will differ from previous ones, so making sure landing pages reflect those differences makes sense.

2) Don’t Bamboozle The Visitors

When a landing page contains multiple offers and calls to action it creates confusion for the visitor. Your conversion rate can increase by as much as 62% when using a single call to action. This is because a customer is far less likely to make a purchase. Be clear with the visitor exactly what you want them to do.

3) Don’t Be Shy With Numbers Of Pages, Or Video Content

By increasing their numbers of landing pages by 50% companies have reported a 55% increase in conversions. Compelling evidence therefore that the more landing pages, the higher your rates. As for the most engaging content on a landing page. Try to use custom videos if possible as studies have revealed a boost of as much as 86% on landing pages including them.

4) Testing, Testing

Consider testing each landing page on a regular basis so you can gauge what is and isn’t working. This means you can make alterations as required. Testing is another strategy most companies simply fail to employ.

5) Make Contact Forms Quick And Simple

Visitors and customers accept the fact that you may need some details from them. Consequently the clear majority will fill out a form. However, that majority will dwindle the longer the form and more details you request. Make what you are asking them to tell you relevant. You don’t really need to ask when someone last saw a dentist for example, if you’re trying to sell them cat toys.

So Simplicity And Quantity Is Key

The 5 points made above make clear the process you should target with your landing pages. It’s impossible to have too many, but to be effective they need to be clear and simple. Follow these steps and watch your conversion rate (and profits!) jump.

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infographic about 5 ways to improve conversion rate by improving your websites landing page

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