Kitty Café – A Review From The Cats Pawspective!

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Kitty Café – A Review From The Cats Pawspective!

Our team of web designers recently visited and interviewed some of the cats working at Kitty Café in Leeds. 

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! We sure think so here at Web Design Review and so we regularly get out and about. Researching web design, SEO and hosting companies can be interesting at times but we all need some variety in life. Last week we headed out to the new Kitty Café in Leeds, chosen by our boss who, try as he might to pretend otherwise, is a big softie at heart. While we enjoyed the delicious coffees on offer we had a chat with three of the kitties who call the café home, and did they have some ‘tails’ to tell! We’ll allow Saffy, Pumpkin and Lulu to take over from here and fill you in on their lives at Kitty Café.

Do You Think Kitty Cafes Are Good For Cats?


Saffy’s Own Story About Working In Kitty Café

Adorable And Desperate To Be Loved

I see dozens of people every day, people just like you, who come and spend some time with me and my furry friends. Then every night I am left here, bereft of human company and the companionship I crave.

white cat with pleading expressionwhite cat in shadow with grumpy expressionemmy saffy's sister at the kitty cafe in leeds

I love the day times here at Kitty Café. For 8 hours I have customers just like you who I can share my love and warmth with. These are the times I treasure as different people stroke and cuddle me, giving me the love I desperately desire. I love making people happy when I share those cuddles and purrs with them. For a kitty who has seen what I have, and who was abandoned on the streets, spending time with people like you is a dream come true.

Yet every night as I lie here trying to sleep my mind wonders whilst I ponder what has happened and what is yet to come. I think back to those dark days, those dark days when I was left out in the cold; those dark days when I was left out in the rain. I was left forgotten and alone by my owners. I would have to scavenge for food and watch as other cats in the neighbourhood were fawned over by their owners and families. Occasionally some of the local toddlers would come to stroke and cuddle me. However, these moments were always fleeting as they had to go inside and leave me outside – all alone.

When I was rescued I was half the weight I should have been due to a lack of food and was told by a vet I was within days of starving to death! The cold and the wind in the outside elements had also led to problems with my eyes which constantly ran due to conjunctivitis. My fur was dirty – matted – and in certain areas was actually falling out, leaving ugly bald patches. I was terrified of adults…… terrified! I thought all humans would treat me as badly as my owners had.

emmy in the kitty cafe in leeds hiding behind a white plant pot

Emmy, Saffy’s beloved sister.

Thanks to the wonderful staff here, and fantastic customers like you making donations, I have been nursed back to health. I now weigh the same as my fellow felines, I have a fluffy and healthy coat of beautiful white fur and happily my eyesight has been restored to its full, former glory. This means I can see wonderful souls like yourself in glorious, unblemished technicolour. I’ve also learned to not only trust humans again, but to love them unconditionally as kitties like me should do. The generosity and kindness of everyone who comes to play with me and indulge my love for cuddles and treats has restored my faith.

However, there is still a missing piece to my story. My only remaining wish is for one of you beautiful people to make my final dream come true. So with my pleading eyes I say to you – I love being around you and I want, more than anything in this world, to come home with you today so we can share cuddles, purrs and the rest of my life.

Life In Kitty Café In Pumpkin’s Own Words

Pumpkin – Someone’s Experiencing Job Satisfaction

All I am is a feline gimmick for customers at Kitty Café. This is my life!! Here, have a lurvely, little, pathetic saucer of milk. It’s worth pointing out it’s not exactly Cravendale on offer either (My role model in life is The Milk Drinker from their adverts, ‘a modern-day enigma’, rather like myself). No! I am forced to put up with the skimmed, cheap rubbish which I find offensive.

pumkin the little ginger kitten drinking cream at the kitty cafe in leeds

My job is to entertain the customers. Can someone please explain to me how on earth I’m supposed to put on a happy, friendly, cuddly demeanour when I’m served with such GARBAGE!? It beggars belief! I’d wager my fluffy ginger tail the staff at posh steakhouses aren’t fed bargain burgers while on shift! On second thoughts, I’d best be wary of offering silly wagers or an eagle-eyed bookie will agree to the bet and use my beautiful tail as an advertising prop!

Safe to say the diabolical quality of milk served up to me and my feline friends is a bone of contention. But is that the worst aspect of my job? Not by a long chalk!

two little kittens called pumpkin and pie at kitty cafe leeds

That accolade belongs to the thoughtlessness of certain customers. I try to appreciate our customers and they order all manner of weird and wonderful treats, but my favourite is the magnificent looking milkshakes topped with whipped cream. That’s right, whipped cream! No skimmed milk nonsense on those beauties. Yet what curls my whiskers is the callous way customers will sit in front of me, slurping away to show how delicious the drink is. Then when I arrive on the scene, drooling with excitement and prepared to strike, the cream has sunk from the brim of the glass and is too low for me to lap away at in ecstasy.

It breaks my heart, and truly is one of the most soul-destroying things that can befall a dairy loving puss like me. Dick Whittington’s cat wasn’t treated this way so why should I? And then be expected to be jolly with the same savages who dash my dreams of enjoying a creamy delight? Not a cat in hell’s chance!!!

Lulu Tells Us About Life Working At Kitty Café

A Life Without Mice

I’m a wild cat! I live to be in the outdoors standing guard. As you can see I’m a rough and ready kind of girl. Many mice have believed themselves safe trying to tease me by encroaching on my territory then found out to their cost just how quick I can be. Razor sharp if I may say so. I was given the name Claude as a kitten because of my rather lethal claws. This was before my former owner discovered I was a girl. Her eyesight wasn’t the greatest bless her!

lulu who is a kitten at leeds kitty cafe relaxing and half asleep

It’s nice here I must say. Lots of attention for us pussies which is nice. I’m not the most popular, oh no, that honour goes to the little, cute, fluffy guys. Snuggling up and purring to all the girls. I’m just fine with my old dears thank you very much. I lived with one for long enough. Until she decided, very thoughtlessly, to keel over and then have to move into a sheltered flat with a no pet’s policy. No pet policy, enough to make you sick isn’t it? It’s a shame because me and Mavis had an understanding.

As I said, I am a wild girl. I love to feel the wind in my fur. There is one thing I loved doing for Mavis above all else – bringing gifts. I’ll have you know I’m quite the hunter. I am deft, swift and unforgiving. Nothing beats the thrill of seeing a mouse or other pest and silently pouncing then returning to present my beloved Mavis with her prize!

lulu a long haired cat pinching food at kitty cafe in leeds

That’s the trouble with Kitty Café. No mice, no birds, no nothing. Just a few pathetic toy ones a hunter like myself has no tolerance for. I’ve asked nicely, even filled in a few comments cards, but apparently, it’s against health and safety to have mice running around. One of the staff even reckons it’s cruel. Is there anything as cruel as denying me my natural urges!?

So, this is a call to arms – the start of a movement so to speak. Guys and gals I’m starting a campaign to change these ridiculous health and safety laws you humans have imposed on yourselves that say mice have no place in cafés so I can chase and pounce to my heart’s content. Surely it’s a no brainer, I mean you’d still come to Kitty Café for cakes and coffee, wouldn’t you?

Let’s ‘Paws’ To Reflect On Our Visit

Our team visit to Kitty Café was a great afternoon, the boss enjoyed it so much he even picked up the ‘tab’! Almost unheard of for a Yorkshireman! The atmosphere was great, really relaxed and friendly and we made lots of furry friends who were very interested in us. I’d go so far as to say it was a ‘purrfect’ location for a team bonding trip. We were all left ‘feline’ really cheerful when we left, and everyone said they’d love to go back, even if we have to pay for our own food and drinks.

web design team enjoying their day at kitty cafe in leedsplay area of kitty cafe in leeds with web design team enjoying their time with the kittens

Sweet Treats And Delicious Drinks

The variety of the menu and the drinks available was impressive and we found everything ‘pawsatively’ gorgeous. The work Kitty Café do with the cats is amazing and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing by visiting and spending money you’re helping the very cats you get to meet and cuddle up to.

2 cafes on a table at the kitty cafe in leedsdrinks and cakes at the kitty cafe in leeds

Kitty Café Gallery

A few more pictures from our team of web designers from their wonderful visit to Kitty Café in Leeds. Visit  Kitty Café’s Facebook Page to see more.

tabby cat sleeping on a rope bridge at kitty cafe in leedsginger cat climbing high inside the kitty cafe in leedswaterfall inside kitty cafe in leeds with a cat looking like he's going to jump inplay area at kitty cafe leeds with a few cats playingsmall kitten sat on red sofa at kitty cafe leedssleeping grey cat on a white cat tree at kitty cafe in leeds

More About Web Design Review

Here at Web Design Review we’re all cat lovers and our day out was a welcome break from our normal working life. In the office we work hard reviewing web design companies across the UK to save you time and money researching them all yourself. If we had our way we’d work even harder reviewing Kitty Café’s around Yorkshire.

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