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Are you interested in learning amazing facts that will blow your mind? Then be sure to follow us on our fun journey to learning! Granted, it isn’t particularly useful information but you can never have too much general knowledge stored up there in your brain! This is how I do so well at general knowledge pub quizzes… I am forever reading articles online; be it blog posts, getting lost in Google or watching YouTube videos… There is always something to learn!

Got a category suggestion that you would like to learn about? Share it with us!

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Lets begin by sharing some random facts that will be sure to surprise you:

1. Astronauts grew a rose in space,

They did it just to see if it would smell the same as a rose on Earth. Surprisingly, it didn’t! The volatile compounds that make flowers smell a certain way act differently in micro-gravity.

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2. In 1986 a pilot made a bet with his co-pilot

He said he could land the aeroplane blind. He crashed the plane into the landing strip, killing 70 out of the 87 passengers.

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3. Seahorses are one of the deadliest predators in the ocean

They have a whopping 90% success rate when attacking their prey.

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4. By the time you have finished reading this sentence;

50 million of your cells will have died and been replaced by new ones.

cells image

5. Elvis Presley was naturally blonde!

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About This Post

The inspiration for this post was one of my favourite YouTubers, Matthew Santoro. He manages and produces content for his absolutely awesome YouTube channel, which has almost 6 MILLION subscribers! He must be doing something right to have all of those subscribers eh. Matthew regularly posts fresh content to his channel; usually a mix up of Top 10 videos or 50 Insane Facts That Will Blow Your Mind. The videos are fascinating as I learn about things I never even knew existed all in one place.

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