A Simple Introduction To SEO – What, Why and How!

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infographic introducing the seo

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SEO can seem daunting to a new website owner. There are many conflicting facts and guides out there. We’ve stripped it right back. We’ve presented below the basics for you to get a better understanding as to what SEO is all about before diving in to running your site.

A Simple Introduction To SEO

1) What?

SEO stand for search engine optimisation. The is the strategies you use to get your site to the top of the search engine results page.

There are over 4 billion google searches conducted every single day! It’s likely that you’ll want to rank highly when someone types in a related phrase to give your site more exposure.

53% of people click on the first organic search result. These are the results directly below the ads on the first page.
As you can see it can be detrimental to your site to be on even the second page.

2) Why?

Your SEO strategy has one of the biggest direct correlations with business for your site.

SEO leads are much more effective than other outbound leads. Such as results from flyering.

Ranking highly for SEO builds trust with your customer base and puts you in a position of authority. Search engine users immediately believe you to be the best option as you’re the first of millions of results.

3) How?

Optimal SEO is achieved when your site contains relevant information for both human and robot visitors.
We’ll break it down here:

Humans Want:

  • Interesting, quality content
  • Content which is relevant to their search
  • Appealing design
  • Easy Navigation
  • Modern Features

Search Engine Robots Want:

  • Unique Content (not copied and pasted from anywhere else)
  • Relevant Keywords
  • Descriptive HTML
  • Quick load times
  • Working URLs and Links

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you’ll now be a little more clued up as to how and why SEO is important. Use our guide as a starting and reference point for further SEO research. Let us know what techniques you’re employing in the comments section below!

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infographic introducing the seo

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