Increase Your ROI: 7 Ways That Web Design Trends Will Help in 2019

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infographic guide about increasing your roi by improving your website design

banner guide about increasing your roi by improving your website design
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Web Design is more that having a visually appealing site. Though you do want your visitors to be aesthetically attracted, do you know how else your web design can help you? Designers are always coming up with new and creative ways that design can improve the other aspects of running a successful website. 2019 will see some of the more effective website designs ever seen.

Our 7 Ways:

1) User Experience

The way you lay your site out is extremely important. A user friendly site is one that is easy to navigate and gives the user a positive online experience. To ensure this experience, the key pieces of content and information on your site need to be easy to find even for a novice internet user. This experience, can encourage users to spend more time on your site, revisit and even buy your products or services. Increasing your ROI.

2) Content Is Key

Interesting and relevant content is key to driving your traffic skywards! When considering your content, it’s best to keep it updated so as not to become outdated or irrelevant. Think about what the user wants to learn from your site, use a story telling narrative to keep it engaging. This will both drive traffic to you and keep them for longer!

3) Think SEO

SEO is extremely important to running a successful site. SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This is the steps you take to ensure your website ranks high on google for relevant search terms. Without an ongoing SEO plan in place, it is very difficult for your site to appear in any searches. Unless you expect your users to scrawl through page 37 of google to find you, it’s best you put one in place. Remember SEO techniques are constantly evolving, be sure to keep your plan updated.

4) Clear Design

Your design should be clear and simple. Make your font legible, your content easy to find and the page not too cramped or fussy. It’s crucial that your site is responsive to the many different devices used to browse the internet in 2018. Responsive design is one that changes its appearance to fit the users’ device screen, minimising zooming and scrolling.

5) Stay Secure

Ensure all pages have up to date security certificates, and compliant with GDPR. Store data securely and make it apparent to users the way you store their data.
Have a clear privacy and cookies policy.

This is particularly important if you’re running an ecommerce site. These security measures offer a level of credibility, trust and confidence to your users. It’s imperative to let your users know how secure your site is! spell it out to them. A site that is perceived as very secure is more likely to garner more purchases.

6) Tracking ROI

It’s best practice to implement the latest, up to date, tracking software to track your users’ behaviour. This will enable you to see where your users are spending their time on your site, which areas are popular, and which would need improvement. By using this information correctly, you are able to build an online persona to offer your visitors a more relevant and personable experience. This is a great way to ensure users will spend more time on your site and follow your desired user path.

7) Keep Evolving

You may have noticed a pattern through this article. Most points have the words up to date in their somewhere. Web design and ROI trends are constantly changing and improving. It’s critical to stay on top of these, it’s very easy to become outdated, doing so would see your site at the bottom of the ranking system and losing traffic phenomenally!

Long Story Short…

Web design does so much more for your site than many people think. From creasing your SEO ranking, driving traffic and of course improving you ROI! Use these trends as a starting point to utilise web design to its full potential. Concentrate on the user experience to increase you ROI.

Let us know what other tips you have for increasing ROI in the comments section below!

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infographic guide about increasing your roi by improving your website design

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