50 Amazing Halloween Costumes Ideas For 2018

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woman wearing a pink wig and white contacts with doll make up

Happy Halloween! Need your own crazy costume ideas? Want to kick-arse this year? Are you always that unorganied person that waits until the last minute. It can be difficult to come up with something creative, unique and that won’t dip into your drinking budget.

Crazy Costumes Ideas To Inspire:

Since we are a helpful bunch at Web Design Review, we have complied a list of some awesome costumes for you to admire.

1. Bloody Princess

woman wearing a princess tiara and dress with fake blood down her face

2. Cosplay Nurse

woman dressed as a purple cosplay nurse and wearing a pink wig

3. My Latest Tinder Match

woman with fabric covering her face to just show red lips

4. She’s Hot – Be Honest, You Would 😉

normal looking woman with brown hair and pink jumper but with half face of make up to look like a breakout of disease

5. Bloody Clowns – She’s Still Fit Though !!

woman with scary clown make up and scarred mouth effect

6. Creepy Dolly

woman wearing a pink wig and white contacts with doll make up

7. Poison Ivy Never Looked So Hot

woman painted green with pink wig to look like character poison ivy

8. Aww She’s Cute Really

woman with make up to look like stitches and red wig to look like sally from a nightmare before christmas

10. That Kid Is Twisted

man holding a knife with white face paint and bloody mouth11. Snow White & Family

a woman man and child dressed as snow white characters while sat in woods

12. Clowns Are Cute Really?

two men dressed as a scifi character and twisty the clown from american horror story

13. That Doll Is A Bit Broken

woman sat with teddy bear dressed in a gothic costume with broken doll make up

14. Aww That’s Just Cute

father and daughter dressed in black costumes to look like ravens

15. Power Loader – Awesome!!

father dressed as a robot with baby to look like the controller

16. Harry Potter Looks So, So Young!

child dressed as harry potter with dog in costume to look like he has three heads

17. Scissorhands JR

child dressed as Edward scissorhands

18. John SnowWhite

man dressed as john snow and snow white all in one

19. Older Self

woman dressed as her older self

20. Face Transplant

costume showing a face transplant

21. Incredible Family

a family dressed up as the incredible family22. Rocket Raccoon

costume of rocket raccoon

23. Everyone’s Favourite Couples Costume Done Right

Harley Quinn and the joker costumes

 24. Questionable Princess Leia & R2D2

a man dressed as princess leia from star wars

25. 3D Rick

3d rick from rick and morty

26. Opposite To The Original Slutty Cat

a man dressed as a black cat for halloween

27. Straight Out Of a Painting

man dressed like a van gogh painting

28. Stranger Things Have Happened

eleven and her waffle costume

29. If Your Partner Can’t Go To The Party Them-self, Go As Them

guy dressed as both partners for halloween

30. Bob Ross & His Masterpiece

couples costume from bob ross

31. Getting Deported By Trump

a costume idea of donald trump deportation

32. Crazy Cat Lady

crazy cat lady costume idea

33. He Seems Beside Himself This Halloween

a costume of man cut in half

34. This Costume Is Fire…Literally

man dressed as fire for costume

35. Trippy

trippy makeup for halloween

36. The Atoms Family

a play on the adams family costume

37. Shining Twins

costume of the shining twins

38. Amazon Prime

funny amazon prime costume

39. NoFace – You Know Your Costumes Great If It Makes People Cry

no face from film spirited away

40. Not Your Average Couples Costume

couples costume of star wars characters

41. Mother Of Dragons

costume from game of thrones

42. It’s Him

him from the power puff girls costume

43. Jack & Sally

jack and sally couples costume

44. Dominoes Dress Up

funny dominoes costume

45. Real Life Meme

meme of a halloween costume

46. Guess Who

couple dressed as characters from guess who game

47. Most Frightening Of Them All

couple dressed as a technology nightmare

48. Two Faced Lady

woman wearing red clothing with make up to make it look like she has two faces

49. Is That Real?

family dressed as characters from the toy story

50. Zombie Attack!

couple and child dressed as the incredibles superheros from the film

51. My Kid Is An Old Lady

toddler dressed as an old lady with clothes and wig and holding a zimmerframe

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