Google Review Snippets – How To Optimise Your SEO Using Them

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Starting up and running a business is never going to be easy, is it? Especially when you have Negative Google review snippets impacting you.

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Build Your Presence

Understanding the ins and outs of building your online presence can be a challenge. This is because SEO is continuously evolving, along with ways to employ it. Every business should be interested in knowing about their online reviews. With Googles Search engine results page review feature, you can optimise your businesses online efforts.

Google has made multiple changes to the way businesses can see their review results, over the past several years. They don’t always make these changes clear, which could have a big effect on companies or individuals that want to optimise your SEO efforts.

Google’s updates can negatively affect your SEO if you don’t constantly evolve with them. Sure, one change might not have an impact on your rankings, but multiple updates without you evolving with them, can lead to a penalty, such as losing your place ranking on the first place of search engine results, or even worse, being removed altogether. It’s also important to stay ahead of your competitors, by making necessary changes as quickly as you can.

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Google Review Snippets And Reviews

In 2009 Google introduced Rich Snippets. These are the additional details in regard to specific pages in search results. This is the reason why people started seeing their products reviewed directly on Googles search engine results page.

Because a review is someones evaluation of a product or service, this can include a businesses specific domain or certain product. When it comes to rich snippets Google displays two forms of reviews:

  1. Critics reviews.
  2. Review snippets. 

Generally, review snippets are an average of all the rating scores from reviewers, combined. This allows businesses to gain an understanding of how their product or business is perceived. Google will show you the reviews text along with a number scale to allow reviewers to give you a score, usually of 1 to 5 or 1 to 10.

These review snippets are usually available for: local businesses, movies, books, music and much more. They appear in Googles search results under the given search or their knowledge cards. Below is an example from searching for “local curry takeaway”:

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Critics reviews are different from review snippets, because they have a more detailed look at the specific reviewers thought. These reviews help to give you a better understanding of how individuals think and feel about your product or service, instead of an insight (review snippet).

Search engine results users can get a quick summary of review snippets by looking directly under the domains knowledge graph. Whereas critics reviews are shown in the local business, movies and books area.

Your websites reviews can increase your SEO optimisation efforts within Google, by allowing your website to attract visitors. Reviews are there to be seen as search engine users want to know what quality to expect. If a visitor sees that a business is getting good reviews, they will be more likely to click onto the site, to check it out for themselves. In fact 90% of customers say they are highly influenced by online reviews.

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Increase Your Sites Click Through Rate

Good reviews can increase your websites click through rate by bringing more visitors to your domain. Visitors are more likely to click on your domain to find out information about you if they are curious.

Increasing your click through rate will often lead to an increase in conversions too. This will then lead to an increase in your websites ranking and SEO. Users will have a better opportunity to find your domain when they search, thanks to reviews dedicated to your website.

Your websites ranking increase will do amazing things for your SEO optimisation. For improving your SEO, your Google ranking won’t be the only contribution, though it does still play an important role.

Your Snippets Need Monitoring

All businesses, no matter what their service is or what they sell, should monitor their review snippets and determine what keywords will be tunneled through their review snippets. You can do this by using Tool sites such as SEMrush.

SEMrush will allow you to monitor your review percentage, using the organic research tool. You can also view your domains keywords in one place. This helps you keep track of data and analyze the benefits of review snippets, in relation to your SEO.

Reviews are continuously playing a big role in businesses SEO efforts. SEMrush also lets you monitor keywords that are affected all in one place, so you can make sure you’re not falling behind.

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