These Hilarious Yet Genius Desktop Wallpapers Will Make You Look Twice!

Posted on 6 April, 2018 by Bekki in

an image of a desktop wallpaper showing two men being terrified of internet explorer

In today’s digital age we stare at our computer screens for hours on end, every single day. So, why shouldn’t we keep ourselves amused with the use of weirdly amazing desktop wallpapers? From organising shortcuts in a ridiculously neat manner, these interactive solutions are as clever as they are funny!

We have an inspiring collection of the most brilliant backgrounds, that will make you want to change yours as soon as possible. Just keep scrolling to be impressed…

Awesome Desktop Wallpapers:

This Will Blasted You Into Orbit

an image of a planet with the shortcuts orbiting it

Planet wallpaper with shortcuts orbiting it.

You can tell this was no accident, whoever did this had to plan-et!

Internet Explorer Is Certainly Terrifying

an image of a desktop wallpaper showing two men being terrified of internet explorer

A Wallpaper showing Internet Explorer as the truly terrifying browser it is.

We’re betting the person has the IE icon purely for sake of the joke.

If You Love Football This Is A Winner

a desktop background that looks like a football pitch, with the shortcuts spread out like shortccuts

A wallpaper pitch with the shortcuts spread out like the players.

The computer bowl – where Internet Explorer would definitely be the Luis Suárez of the browsers.

Basic But Cute

a desktop wallpaper showing a cat with a puzzled face, with a shortcut above him.

The furry friend on this wallpaper seems to be surprised by the lack of organisation too.

This certainly won’t be winning any competitions for being the most organised, but it’s still a favourite.

The Most Satisfying Of All

an image of a satisfyingly organised desktop wallpaper that looks like an office

This organised wallpaper makes us wish our office was this tidy.

You probably never thought you’d need to see this, but now you have, we bet you’re glad.

Creativity Cannot Be Beaten

this is an image of a desktop wallpaper based off the film office space, which shows internet explorer being beaten up

This wallpaper proves that Internet Explorer has gone down hill.

There’s no ‘office space’ for Internet Explorer, is there?

Want To Play A Game?

a wallpaper with jigsaw from saw in the background with loads of chrome shortcuts made to trick you

This is an evil wallpaper that wants to pay a game, of guess the original shortcut.

If anyone’s pissed you off recently, here’s a little idea on how to prank them.

Chrome V’s Firefox

a desktop wallpaper that shows chrome vs firefox browsers against each other in different hands of a man from the matrix

A wallpaper that pits two of the best browsers against each other.

This ma-trix you.

For The Star Wars Fans

an image of a side by side desktop set up showing the star wars characters.

This Wallpaper will help you determine which side you’re on.

If you’re at this point, we suggest that you might need to spend more time outside!

The Planned Placing Says It All

a desktop wallpaper showing a dog pooing out an internet explorer shortcut

The harsh reality of Internet Explorer is shown perfectly in this wallpaper.

I think we all agree at this point, that Internet Explorer is shit.


Which idea are you going to use? We would love to hear your thoughts so remember to let us know in the comments!

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