A Personal Festive Greeting For Customers Who Don’t Honour Contracts

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blog featured image showing the inside of the card sent to jay the arsehole

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so the song goes, but we thought we’d send nasty customers who’ve secured web design services and then refused to pay a little festive greeting with a twist!

We’ve sent these charlatans Christmas cards to ask them to pay the money they owe and charged THEM for the privilege!!

I contacted some of our top 10 web design companies to help get their idiot clients to pay off any outstanding debts. For all those lovely clients trying to dodge payment, we do hope you enjoy receiving our little Christmas cards and they take pride of place in your office!

Stephen Lies About Being A Solicitor To Con Free Work!

inside the christmas card sent to stephen the arsehole who did not pay the web designers
envelope with the address of stephen one of the arsehole customers outside of the christmas card that we sent to stephen the arsehole customer

The Content Of The Card: ” To Stephen, From all of us at 121 Web Design, we would like to wish all of our clients a very happy Christmas. Even the ones that don’t pay for the services they receive (you know who you are!) £3,925 and £45 charge is now well over due 🙂


Stephen hired 121 Web Design prior their rebrand as Roundhay Web Design saying he required them to make simple changes to his wife’s existing site. But of course, nothing is ever that simple.

This pillar of society then lied to Roundhay by claiming that he was a SOLICITOR when in fact he was quite the opposite. However, the team at Roundhay Web Design believed his convincing lies, genuinely believing he was a solicitor, As a result they agreed to do the work and payment made afterwards.

The changes were done, and the work was at a very high standard. Roundhay naturally contacted Stephen to request payment of the agreed fee of £2285 along with the extra £1640 he owed. After patiently awaiting a response, Stephen got in contact acting on behalf of his wife, who is a famous classical singer.

When Roundhay subsequently contacted his wife for the payment, it became clear Stephen had told porkies once again, even claiming the site was his. Cheeky swine!

121 are in the process of reporting this fraud to the police and the SRA, so jokes on him in the end. Bye Felicia!

Jay The Landlord From Hell

inside the christmas card sent to jay the arsehole who did not pay the web designers
envelope with the address of jay the arsehole customer outside of the christmas card that we sent to jay the arsehole customer

The Content Of The Card: To Jay, Merry Christmas! I Hope You Haven’t been too busy Christmas shopping and forgotten about the £1240 that you owe us? (+45 charge). Best wishes 121 Web Design.


Jay agreed to pay £1500 for the web design package he chose and agreed with Roundhay Web Design. They then went on to create exactly what he had requested, after he had paid 2 initial payments of £500.

Yet when it came to the final payment for the website, this delightful specimen refused to pay and left himself with an unfinished web design. What was the point in that? He just paid £1000 for an awesome, but unfinished website! Nice one, Jay.

We understand the websites still waiting – so if Jay pays what’s owed we’re sure Roundhay will hand it over to start driving his business forward in the New Year.

Harriet Agreed To Pay £1,200, Then Disappeared After Paying Less Than Half!!

inside the christmas card sent to harriet the arsehole who did not pay the web designers
envelope with the address of harriet the arsehole customer outside of the christmas card that we sent to harriet another of our arsehole customers

The Content Of This Card: Hi Harriet, Have a brilliant Christmas! Hopefully if you are not too busy, you could get around to paying the £669.50 that you owe us? (+45 charge). Best Wishes, Web Design Room.


So, get a load of this. This little sort decided that she would get Web Design Room, who recently rebranded as Red Cloud Agency to design and develop the entire website for her interior design business based in London.

The project took up many hours of their time, for her to turn around and ‘change her mind’. And the best part is, she came to this decision because the design she asked for was ‘not what she asked for’. Makes sense, right?

Question is Harriet, don’t you think they have better things to do with their time, than waste it on people like you? I’m sure the debt collectors will come knocking in the New Year!

Logic says if you hired a painter to paint your house pink, then when they finished you wanted it blue, surely you wouldn’t expect them to start over again without paying extra. It is the same with a web design. So, if you mess about and expect not to pay extra, you’re wrong lady.

Another Charlatan Strikes, Meet Richard From Hull

inside the christmas card sent to richard the arsehole who did not pay the web designers
envelope with the address of richard the arsehole customer outside of the christmas card that we sent to richard the arsehole customer

The Content Of This Card: To Richard, Merry Christmas! As it’s the season of good will it would be awesome if you could pay the £2141 owed to us! (+45 charge). Go Spider Web Design.


Go Spider’s customer, Richard, whose business is based in Hull, made a bit of a clown of both himself and Go Spider Web Design.

The story here is, this guy requested the ‘5-page web design package’ for an agreed fee of £2,500. They only received a payment of £833 but proceeded to go ahead and create his design options for him.  After that, they heard nothing from the guy…it was as if he disappeared off the face of the earth.

Again, as with the painter comparison, If you pay a painter a certain amount to cover 5 days’ worth of work and decide after day 2 you didn’t want to proceed, you would still need to pay him for the full weeks’ worth of work.

You wouldn’t have much choice in the matter either, when Contract Law is taken into account. The Statuary Law states the company have right to their losses if the client agreed to pay. We all have families to feed and bills to pay. The team at Go Spider are no exception, so have a little bit of decency and honour your commitments.

Nasty Alexis – Have You Heard From The Debt Collectors Yet?

inside the christmas card sent to alexis the arsehole who did not pay the web designers
envelope with the address of alexis the arsehole customer outside of the christmas card that we sent to alexis the arsehole customer

The Content Of This Card: To Alexis, Merry Christmas! Just a gentle reminder of the £2225 that is owed to us. From Web Design Room.


She could be the biggest client Red Cloud Agency have ever worked with. She really extracted the urine however. They put aside a lot of their team’s time to try and get a good head start to the project, to ensure they provided the best results.

What Alexis ordered was a £2200 eCommerce website for her new business based in London. Then guess what? The time waster didn’t pay them a single penny.

So, all that time they put aside for her was wasted, but it didn’t mean a thing to her as she believed she wasn’t losing out on any money.  Hilarious isn’t it? They literally could have invested their time into someone else who actually wanted a website.

Did You Have Fun Reading This Little Rant?

I sure had fun writing it! Just thought I would sass things up a bit and put my foot down. People just don’t realise that their actions have consequences. Companies lose out on money it leads to higher prices for everyone else and gives the industry a bad name. So, it’s only fair you get shamed. Simple as that.

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