Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends For 2019

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infographic about the top digital marketing trends for 2019

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Marketing is an integral part of running a successful business. It is all about getting your product or services out there and making your brand known.

Marketing has changed dramatically over the past decade, we’ve moved from traditional methods to the digital world.

So, want to know how to market your business ready for 2019?

Check Out Our Top 7 Marketing Tips

1) Video Marketing

Video marketing is showing your products via short video. It differs from advertisements that you see on TV in that it’s a much more versatile way to interact with your audience.

Video marketing can cover product launches. They can be streamed live. They can be demonstrations or testimonials.

2) Chatbots

Chatbots are automated AI powered robots who are able to interact with your customers. We’re living in an age where digital patience is thin, chatbots are able to realistically converse with your potential customers immediately. People expect responses straight away and that’s what this technology will give them.

We predict these will become more and more mainstream as technology advances.

3) Storytelling

Brands are becoming more and more creative with their posts. People don’t want to read large bodies of text outlining features and facts they want to be enthralled. To meet this desire brands are using a story telling technique across their social media.

This interests the customers who want to read until the end and increases conversion rate.

4) Rise In The Cost Of Social Advertising

Organic reach is still a thing. However, every man and his dog is now on social media (literally). In this highly competitive market an organic reach will only take you so far.

Facebook in articular has many different paid ad types to meet business requirements. These ad’s allow you to target a specific demographic and push your brand name across newsfeeds that you may otherwise have missed out on.

We predict that the types and the prices will increase.

5) Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking is a phrase coined by Sean Ellis. It’s the process of experimenting with varying marketing techniques across multiple platforms. It follows the idea of trial and error by trialling all at the same time and comparing their successes to see which avenues they will continue to pursue.

It’s been dismissed as a buzzword by many but it’s on the rise and we think this trend will continue to grow this year!

6) User Generated Content

User generated content is exactly as it sounds. Content posted directly onto a site by its users as opposed to its staff. This plays on the concept that there is a level of peer to peer trust. Customers value other customers opinions and reviews much higher than someone who would benefit from the site such as the founder.

This also adds credibility to your business.

7) Interactive Content

Static sites are common place but to really engage customers, marketers are going interactive with their sites!

These interactive elements can include polls, quizzes or videos. This technique captures customer attention and draws them to your site!

Long Story Short…

Marketing trends and techniques must adapt each time consumers become “used to” current techniques. They need to be ever evolving, new and attention grabbing. Use these points as a guide to make sure you stay ahead of the game this year.

Let us know in the comments section below what other marketing trends you think will appear in 2019!

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infographic about the top digital marketing trends for 2019

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