The 7 Most Common Challenges That Web Designers Face!

Posted on 26 May, 2018 by Rachel in

The 7 Most Common Challenges That Web Designers Face!

Web Design though necessary for many businesses can present a number of challenges.

Web design is about more than just the visuals you see on a site.

Check Out These Most Common Challenges When Designing your Site

1) Integration

Many sites use a variety of third party applications. A third party application is one that has a different manufacturer than the native site.

The most common of these would be Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites which we see links to throughout a variety of native sites.

This can pose problems if these applications are built on a platform which does not align with your site.

The challenge is to integrate these into your site for a seamless user experience.

2) Accessibility

We have a growing consciousness as a whole and are moving toward the more inclusive end of the spectrum.

This is no different online.

Designers are becoming very conscious of the difficulties some internet users may face when trying to browse.

To combat this, they’re taking steps to make their sites accessible.

This may be adding descriptive atl tags to images or increasing font size to make sites much more user friendly for visually impaired users.

Or else using certain colour contrasts.

3) Responsive

Since 2015 smartphone browsing has taken over desktop browsing. In line with this, responsive sites have become the norm.

A responsive site is one which adapts its screen size to any device size without compromising on the quality or having to zoom and scroll.

It should function seamlessly on all devices.

4) Security

The internet is rife with security concerns right now and web designers should be mindful of this especially when working for businesses.

Sites which hold banking information pose the threat of hackers for financial gain.

Sites which hold personal information pose the threat from bots.

Whatever the site the designer needs to work carefully to cover all bases whether that be firewall protections or dedicated servers.

5) User Experience

User experience is now so important that it has become one of Google’s biggest SEO ranking factors.

The user experience is how well the site functions, the user journey that is set out and how the user is prompted to use the site.

It can be a challenge for designers to get this right the first time.

6) Speed

A slow site can kill your business. On average people will wait no longer than 3 seconds when waiting for a page to load!

This poses a huge challenge to a designer who wants to make an all singing and all dancing website which loads fast!

There are ways to do this however by compressing images and keeping the elements to only the necessary.

7) Retention

So how do you keep users coming back?

By giving them a site, which does everything they expect it to do. It should function smoothly, integrate seamlessly and have a clear user journey.

The navigation system should be simple and user friendly and able to point them exactly to the information they want.

Long Story, Short…

As a designer you’ll continually face challenges which will change year on year as technology and requirements change.

It’s best to see your profession as one which adapts and never assume you’ve finished learning!

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