Dedicated Web Hosting – The Benefits For Your Website

Posted on 28 Feb, 2018 by Paul in

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Over the past weeks we at Web Design Review have looked at the different web hosting options available for your website. We have broken down the options to make it simple to understand in previous blogs. Today we are focusing on the advantages of investing in a dedicated hosting service rather than a shared or cloud service.

What Benefits Does Dedicated Web Hosting Offer?

A dedicated server is devoted solely to a single organisation meaning you have total control over it. Your server can be located externally and managed remotely. Alternatively you can have it based in house.

 But what does that control entail?

1) Customise To Your Requirements

As the server is dedicated solely to your business and website you can select which features you require. Consequently you don’t have to pay for services you won’t use.

2) Enhanced Levels Of Uptime

Web users are notorious for lacking patience. Studies show that when a web page takes over 3 seconds to load a majority of consumers will navigate away from that website. By having a dedicated server your site is significantly less likely to suffer from impaired performance or downtime, where your site is unavailable.

3) No Congestion

On a shared server you are sharing bandwidth, disk space and CPU usage with other websites. This means if other websites experience higher levels of traffic than normal the performance of your site will suffer. Dedicated hosting removes this risk. So the analogy here is that it is like having a motorway to yourself rather than sharing with other vehicles.

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The Beauty of Splendid Isolation

4) More Secure

On a dedicated server you have the ability to implement anti-virus and firewall configurations tailored to your own needs. On a shared server however, the activities of other clients sharing your server can make you more vulnerable.

5) Extra Support

Dedicated servers typically come with additional support features. Almost all hosting companies will offer 24/7 support which gives you peace of mind that should any issues occur help is always available. It is worth noting that should you elect for a hosting provider without accepting support you’ll need to ensure you have someone available with the skills and knowledge to deal with any issues you may experience.

Next week we will take a closer look at Cloud Hosting and discuss the benefits that it can offer your website.

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