Check out These 10 Web Design And UX Trends To Boost Conversions!

Posted on 4 June, 2018 by Rachel in

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Web design is vastly changing, and it’s become so much more than the visuals you see on the page. It’s being utilised in new and exciting ways.
Web design can contribute to the user experience of your site and greatly affect your SEO rankings. Is your web design working for you?

Check out our newest top trends to find out!

1) Full Width Images

Full width images give the impression of ‘no boundaries’ they’re much more attention grabbing and engaging for users.

These can be used as an ‘interruption’ to convey a message and draw a user in. studies have shown these contribute to a higher conversion rate!

2) Split screen Layouts

Split screen layouts are an ultra-modern way to juxtapose or compliment two elements while creating a balanced visual for your page.

This is a great tool to increase your conversion rate as it gives your users and option. They can choose which direction of your website they want to head in!

3) Monochromatic Colours

Monochromatic is an extremely useful design tool. It is employed to put elements into the background or bring them to the front.

This technique can be used to really make your call to actions and your important elements stand out. This prompts the users to take your desired journey through the site and increase conversions.

4) Prioritised Navigation

Prioritised navigation is all about the user experience. It needs to be simple and user friendly and your visitors should be able to get to where there headed.

Prioritising your navigation is about giving the illusion of less choice through the use of categories and sub categories.
The information will still be there but the important areas will stand out most.

5) Minimal Lead Capture

This technique jumps straight to the point! It takes away the need for users to comb through text to find your purpose.

Place your purpose simply and boldly on your page. What do you do? How can you help? And use a call to action such as ‘Learn more’ or ‘Buy now’

6) Video

Using videos on your site is a great way to personalise your brand. You’re able to get you’re charm and identity across in an easy to digest, genuine way.

Trust is one of the biggest hurdles faced by online brands. Use video to your advantage to show your trustworthiness and credibility.

7) Sticky CTA

It’s probably obvious why this trend is great for your conversion rate. Your CTA takes your user down your desired path.

It’s best practice to make this visible at all times by making it ‘sticky’! Keep it pinned to the bottom of the screen through out the scrolling process so that it is at hand when your user is ready to take that jump!

8) Card Design

Card Design has taken inspiration from the ever popular ‘Pinterest’

It pins card style visuals across the screen so that users can scan for their most interested areas much faster than reading text.
Conversions are much more likely to occur the more interested in your site the user is!

9) Single Column Call To Actions

This technique takes away any distractions and lays your CTA’s bare.
This can be used to prompt your user to delve further into your site or make a purchase. It shows them the next step to take simply and boldly.

10) Personalised User Experience

There are many ways to personalise your users experience on your site.
Use locations to send specific messages or browser history for very targeted ads, these can all increase conversion rate as they are likely topics your user is already thinking about!

Long Story Short…

Web design isn’t just a pretty face. Let the design of your site work for you and contribute to your end goal. Use this trends and tips to start increasing the conversion rate your site sees!

Let us know in the comments section below what other trends you use!

infographic outlining the top 10 web design trends in 2018 for increasing conversion rate it shows each of the ten points on a different pastel coloured block colour with a simple colour illustration to highlight that point

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