If Things Could Talk: What Would They Say?

Posted on 8 Sep, 2018 by Admin in

light beige background with illustration of two cookies playing poker with chocolate chips

Are you creative? If you’re a designer or just someone that thinks outside of the box, inspiration can be found in everyday objects that surround us in our daily lives.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if lifeless things had a voice of their own? What would they say and how would they interact with each other?

Wonder no more! Silly thoughts of your common objects have been brought to life through the below illustrations! These characters we created by artist Teo Zirinis, who goes by the name @handsoffmydinosaur on social media.


Got a freaky looking ornament laid around the house? Or an incredibly old pair of stiff socks? Maybe you just love cheese and wish it could tell you it loves you back. Whatever object you find intriguing, get a funny picture on Instagram using the #ifthingscouldtalk hashtag and tell us what they’d have to say!

Keep on scrolling and have a good chuckle at these entertaining images.

1. Something Bigger?

Are you puzzled? I’m sure you can piece it together!

ivory background with illustrations of jigsaw pieces next to their box

2. Nude Food

I find it very a-peeling.

3. Bad To The Bone

It’s like looking back to your teenage years.

brown background with illustration of a chicken and trex

4. Woke Up Like This

Don’t you wish you was this hot on a morning?

beige background with illustration of a volcano erupting

5. Hanging Around

The pink top is not amused.

blue background with illustration of hanging washing

6. Enjoy Your Weekend… While It Lasts

Note to self: Ignore calendar on Mondays.

grey background with illustrated calendar

7. Do Your Math

That’s odd…

grey background with illustration of a calculator

8. Nessie

Aw, we believe all shapes, sizes and species are beautiful!

light blue background with monster illustration

9. All In

A chip off the old block, that one.

light beige background with illustration of two cookies playing poker with chocolate chips

10. Introvert

Are you an introvert or extrovert? This speaks to me as an introvert, I couldn’t help but laugh at the fluffy fella.

blue background with illustrated pair of speech bubbles and thought cloud

11. The Wizard

You shall not pass OUT before drinking a few more, perhaps.

brown background with illustration of 2 beers

12. Famous

To be fair he looked a lot taller in the movie.

ivory background of three balloons

13. Over This Crap

This…. is cute…. but I feel bad for the ones not retiring to be honest.

light blue background with illustration of toilet roll

14. Pirated

He’s just a copy cat!

green background with illustration of pirated films

15. Turn Back

Camp Crystal Bake isn’t the ideal place to trek.

brown background with three marshmellows

16. Wish I Could Fly

If he could fly we’d be screwed.

beige background with wine cork illustrations

17. Insert Coins

They are evolving!

light background with illustration of retro arcade machines next to a new pc

18. To Do

Step 1 – make to-do list. Step 2 – find the darn thing. Step 3 – ignore all the jobs.

green background with illustration of a to do list running away from a pencil

19. Home Sweet Home

SOLD…to the succulents.

ivory background with illustration of succulents and their pot

20. Flu Fighters

Unless its man flu…that’s deadly!

green background with uillustration of flu fighting objects

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