5 Tips For A More Successful Call To Action

Posted on 18 March, 2018 by Rachel in

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Call to actions are the steps you desire your users to take.

This could be a social media site you’d like them to follow, a related topic you’d like them to jump to next, or in the case of an ecommerce site, a purchase.

Here are our Top 5 Tips For A More Successful Call To Action

1) Above Vs Below

The click through rate for call to actions above the fold is significantly higher than below. This is mostly due to it’s visibility.

2) Colour And Contrast

The importance of colour and colour psychology has been shown time and again. In terms of your call to action, warm colours are perceived with a sense of urgency. This instils a panic in your visitors to ‘click now’

3) Stand Out Size

Your call to action should be large enough to draw attention and stand out. However, an obnoxiously large button is a distraction to your user and takes away from your content. If the button is too small, it may not be noticed as a call to action at all.
Find the right size for your page.

4) Shape It Up

Buttons that are put into shapes that distinguish from text have a higher click through rate. As apposed to a link within a body of text that is easily overlooked. These can be circle, square or any other interesting shape.

5) Wording Matters

Be clear and concise in your wording. What is your button for? Where will it take your user? Create a sense of urgency and be direct.

Your call to actions are your main tactic for leading your user along the desired path through your site. Fully optimise them by following our above tips and increase your click through rate.

Let us know which of this worked for you in the comments section below!

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