8 Essential Steps You Must Take To Build A Successful Website

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8 Essential Steps You Must Take To Build A Successful Website

So, you’ve decided you want a website and you’re going to go it alone? So where do you start?
The world of web design and development can be a technical overwhelming nightmare to a novice. Luckily we’ve put together a simple hand guide to point you in the right direction!

Check Out These 8 Steps For Building A Website

1) Have A Goal

Why do you want a website? What will you share with the world and what is the purpose?
This will affect all your decisions going forward. Having goals gives you points to measure your sites success by.

Is your site there to make money? Is it an information hub or for promotional reasons?
What ever it is set your goals early so that you know what you’re working towards.

2) Choose Your Domain Name

Choosing a domain name can be hard.

There are so many site on the internet that many of the names you envisioned are already taken!
It’s important that the name reflects the business in some way even if it’s not a word for word match.

Shop around! Your preferred name may be available with a different suffix I.E domain.org domain.com domain.co.uk

3) Get Web Hosting

This is one of the areas that may feel overwhelming to a novice web owner.

Web hosting is paying for your little slice of the internet. Hosting makes it possible for visitors to view and use your site online.

There are lots of providers and lots of hosting types. Prices can range from reasonable to extortionate.

If you are just starting out, you can probably get away with a low cost shared hosting package that will meet all of your requirements.

4) Plan

Plan out a rough draft of how your site will look and all of it’s features and elements.

This doesn’t have to be anything technical as it’s just for you. Draw out on pieces of paper each page of your site if you wish.

Play around with layout and see where everything will look best. Try out different colour schemes and background ideas too.

Nothing is set in stone at this point and as time goes on your ideas may evolve and you may end up with something completely different. It is a good idea to have a starting point though.

5) Choose A Platform

When choosing your platform, the biggest question will probably be your own skills.

Are you a tech wiz, comfortable with coding and HTML5? If you’ve reading this article it’s highly likely that you’re not!

There are many user-friendly platforms on which you can build your site visually. Completely forgoing the need to learn code!

The most popular platform is WordPress which has a friendly user interface and dashboard.

6) Test, Test, Test

Test your site at all steps.

Once one area, element or section of your site is completed, test its usability. How confusing is your navigation system? Is information easily available?

There maybe broken links or images that don’t load. Check these as often as possible to ensure your site is efficient and fit for purpose.

7) Get Outside Eyes

When working on your own project it’s easy to overlook things that may be confusing for others. Perhaps you think your navigation system is easy because you built it and know where everything is!

Ask a third party or person to test your website with fresh eyes. They may find that it’s actually rather difficult to navigate.

Or perhaps it’s not immediately obvious to and outsider what the purpose of your website is. Take all constructive criticism onboard and alter your site accordingly!

8) Get Noticed

There are many ways to get your website noticed. This should be part of your marketing strategy.

Start by adding your site to a directory. Create relevant social media pages to gain a following.

A good way to drive traffic to your site is to post a daily or weekly blog with relevant industry information and post these across your social media sites!

Long Story Short…

Creating a website is no easy feat for a complete novice! But it is doable. Use these simple steps as a guide. With practice and research, you could be the owner of a very successful site!

Let us know in the comments section below if you think we’ve missed anything!

infographic showing the top 8 tips for building a website on a grey background eash of the 8 tips is in its own differently coloured box

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