12 Blog Post Topics To Drive Visitors To Your Website

Posted on 14 June, 2018 by Heather in

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You’ve designed a brilliant website, and you know the next step is an active blog with a steady flow of posts – time to brainstorm!

a desk with a pad of paper with pen resting on it several crumpled papers also on desk

Just Call Us The Ideas People

Some of these topics might appeal to you more than others, but with a bit of creativity you can use most, if not all, of these categories to relate back to your website. Especially the fun ones. Think about content that will help your readers. Make them laugh, make them think, make the light bulb go off in their head. Content that keeps them coming back to your website.

Of course, most of your blog posts should be industry-specific and clearly relevant to your website. Use these topics to sprinkle variety into your blog, or help you look at tired topics with fresh eyes.

1) Reference

This one’s easy.  Use your industry knowledge to create posts that help your readers learn more about your product, your expertise, your unique know-how. You’re on your way to becoming a go-to resource for your readers. Boom.

2) News

Another handy topic that shows that you stay on top of current events and how they relate to your business. You might consider discussing the ramifications of a political decision, and how it might or might not affect your customer.

You can carefully wade into a heated topic of discussion. If you decide to do that, remember to do your research, create a position that you can defend articulately, and keep the dialogue respectful and positive.

Even a post about severe or dramatic weather can be tied back to your business. Maybe you’re proud of the fact that you care about your staff and have excellent policies in place to keep everyone safe.

3) Shopping

A no-brainer for ecommerce, of course. Think about ways that you can marry it with your subject matter. Blogging about shopping is great for light-hearted posts that can be filled with images – visual posts are always winners. Why not do a round-up of your office team members’ favourite bargains, or their ‘worth it’ splurges?

4) Arts and Entertainment

Another fun way to driver readers – and hopefully comments – to your site. Choose something big and current, like the Oscars, a blockbuster movie on opening weekend, or a must-binge TV show. Did your workplace make predictions, have an office pool bet on the results? Was there a plot twist that everyone talked about? Just be careful to not give away any spoilers in your headline or content!

5) Science

Give your inner nerd a chance to run with this one. Dig into the science behind your subject, your expertise, and find a way to help people understand it better. They end up with more knowledge than they had before finding your site. Win-win.

6) Hobbies and Leisure

Another fun one – simply think of ways that your industry relates to what people do in their free time. While many of your readers may be seasoned professionals, others might be just getting their toes into the water and learning about it for kicks.

Think of ways to make your content more accessible to that reader – you never know – their hobby could turn into a side-hustle, and maybe even into a whole new career.

7) Automotive

Your website may have something to do with the automotive industry or nothing to do with the automotive industry. But don’t let that stop you if you have something to say and tie it back to your website. Maybe you can use a car metaphor to describe how your product will increase your customer’s performance?

8) Healthcare

This one is universal – everyone on the planet is, at one time or another, concerned about their health. Is there a way that you can capitalise on this? Whether it’s a simple post about the benefits of deep breathing or a series on sure-fire ways to have more energy and focus, your reader will be able to relate. And if you don’t have your health, what do you have, really?

9) Books and Literature

Much like other arts categories, this is great for brainstorming. Consider book reviews related to your field. Take an office poll to find out what your staff members are reading. Is there a book that provides commentary on your business? If so, is there one that really nails your ethos?

10) Computers and Electronics

Another big fish in the barrel. Let your imagination run wild. It seems like everyone’s interests land on electronics, sooner or later. Unless they’ve decided to live in a wild, desolate marsh to better understand Alfred the Great.

11) Jobs and Education

A big topic that affects almost everyone, except the ludicrously rich. Most people either have a job or want a job. Or maybe they want a better job. Perhaps your reader is a student or is considering returning to school.

Think of ways to make your content relevant. Maybe your helpful blog posts can inspire them, break a complex concept down into manageable chunks, give them a quotable phrase to bring to their next big meeting with the bigwigs.

12) Sport

Ah sport. Next best topic of ice-breaker conversation after the weather, hands down. Write about current sporting events, sport in general, or sports analogies. Post about any aspect of a huge event like the World Cup. Post about how to fake your way through a conversation when you don’t know much about sport. Sky’s the limit here.

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