Adulthood Is A Myth – A Guide To Your Quarter Life Crisis As Told By Sarah Andersen

Posted on 25 March, 2018 by Rachel in

2 panel black and white comic strip showing a girl with no firneds at 13 and now

We thought we’d take a break from SEO and Web Design and bring you something infinitely more relaxing: A Quarter Life Crisis. Check out this web comic collection by Sarah Andersen:

Adulthood Is A Myth!

1) Friends Are Overrated

What an unnecessary inconvenience friends are. In a world where Netflix exists I know which I’d opt for! If you’ve hit your quarter life mark already I know you’ll agree with me!

black and white hand drawn 2 panel comic strip showing woman who doesn't like people
2) Body Positive

You will also become shameless around this life mark. Hairy legs? Who cares?! In fact, you’ll surprise yourself at the states you’re willing to leave the house in. Proudly might I add.

2 panel black and white hand drawn comic strip depicting a woman who is comfortable with her leg hair

3) Compliments

Good news! By the time you hit your quarter life mark you will become very comfortable about your body around the few friends you tolerate. Men? Not so much…

five panel black and white comic strip showing difference between male and female compliments

4) Just Live Your Life

Other people however aren’t as comfortable with your decisions as you. Here’s looking at you baby boomers! Just let us enjoy things.

five panel comic strip in black and white showing a woman being judged for things she likes

5) Home Alone

Which is probably why by this point, we’re much more comfortable alone. Underwear and trash TV? Yes please!

two panel black and white hand drawn comic strip showing a woman at home and a woman at home alone

6) Grow Up

What’s the rush to grow up anyway? We all know we don’t have our shit together. Tequila and existential crisis is still acceptable at 25, right?

5 panel black and white hand drawn comic strip showing a woman uncertain of her furture

7) Not Getting Up

This existential dread may be a contributing factor to our unwillingness to participate in life? Or maybe you just don’t live close enough to a costa to motivate you? Just kidding Costa is everywhere.

Which One Of These Did You Relate To Most?

four panel black and white comic strip depicting a woman setting her alarm knowing she wont get up in the morning
8) Forgetting

Does anything fan the flames of your quarter life crisis quite like the thought you’re itching closer to your mid-life one? Forgetfulness sets in early you know! Just another reason to keep social interaction to a minimum

5 panel black and white hand drawn comic strip depicting a woman unable to remember peoples names

9) Self Esteem

Shall we even get into this? What a rollercoaster your feelings towards yourself will be. You’ll have the hormones of a 14-year-old coupled with social anxiety and why am I so weird?!

5 panel black and white hand drawn comic strip showing a woman on a rollercoaster discussing her rollercoaster self esteem
10) Soul Mate

But fear not! Yes you’ll be unsociable, lazy and lost buuut statistically speaking now is the time you’ll find your soul mate….to be unsociable, lazy and lost with. Yay!5 panel black and white hand drawn comic showing a woman happily watching a laptop with her boyfriend

See it’s not all bad. Put on your big-girl knickers. You’ll get through this crisis. And the next. And the one after that! Your quarter life mark isn’t all that bad!

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