Top 6 Marketing Trends that will Dominate Social Media in 2018!

Posted on 16 June, 2018 by Rachel in

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The internet has drastically changed the way companies market and advertise their businesses. The biggest of these changes came about with the advent of social media.

Social media has offered a phenomenal platform with a staggering audience reach a lot of which is free!

Check out these marketing trends which will dominate social media in 2018

1) Live Video

Live videos have given companies to the opportunity to relay instant messages to their audience.

This format of video engages consumers in events they can’t physically attend, such as product launches or Q & A’s

They’re also a way to show product demonstrations in creative ways.

2) Social Media Influencer Market

Social media influencers have been around for a long time now, but only in recent years have companies begun to see their value.

These media influencers are now being used to spear head entire campaigns. Social media influencers are providing more than 11 times the return on investment brought in by traditional marketing strategies.

3) Visualised Content

As we all know large bodies of text are tiresome and hard to digest.

Visual content is tackling this issue head on. Marketers are using simple illustrations, flow charts and other forms of diagrams to relay complex or hard to follow information.

It has been shown that people follow instructions 323% better when they’re paired with illustrations!

4) Improved Social media Analytics For A More Personalised Content

Your social media analytics can hold the key to the success of your business.

Are you reaching the right audience and are you posting for the audience you are reaching? You can use your analytics to target your readers with very specific content.

This year we’ll see the information we receive on our timelines uber personalised.

5) Tightened Security

Security is a major concern for online consumers.

Typing your card or bank details into an online form along with a slew of other personal information is like handing over the tools needed to hack your entire life and finances.

Consumers want to know that their information is safe and exactly how it will be handled and stored.

Knowing this, businesses will begin promoting their security measures across social media platforms to gain credibility and trust.

6) Virtual Assistants And Chatbots

The internet and in particular social media has created a platform where companies and consumers can interact more freely. Letters, phone calls and even now emails are long gone.

Internet users in 2018 are more impatient than ever and 9 to 5 office hours are no longer agreeable. Consumers want instant answers and assistance.

To combat this chatbots and virtual assistants have been created. Available 24/7 to answer almost any question a visitor may have!

Long Story Short…

Social media is all about convenience and marketers have jumped on this to create the latest technologies designed to engage and interact with there customers on a platform they’re both familiar and comfortable with.

Let us know in the comments section below what other trends you think we’ll see this year!

infographic showing the top marketing trends that will dominate 2018 each point is illustrated with simple colourful pictures

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