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A Beginner’s Guide To: Social Media Marketing In 2019

Published: 25th September 2018 | Last Updated: 17th October 2018

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Everyone knows what social media is. The platforms are many, the limits are few, and you can use it to connect with an insane amount of people. Catching up with friends and family is a favourite use of mine. Some may use it as a tool to make new friends or find old ones from their childhood.

Businesses utilise it massively – it’s potential as a marketing tool is emerging more and more. It has burst into the digital space fully in the last fifteen years, so much so that it’s no longer used just for awkward selfies… Businesses are now taking advantage of the scope that social media can give to their marketing strategies. So much so, that there are now jobs being created purely for marketing on social media platforms.

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Social media is so much more than adding friends on Facebook or pictures of your dinner on Instagram. LinkedIn – the so-called business version of Facebook – is growing massively. By allowing people from all over the world to post their job history; people are now able to easily connect with others in their industry.

Companies can even advertise jobs and hire new people through their social media platforms.. On top of this, you also have Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter making their debut in the business world. How do you include these platforms in your marketing strategy?

In this article we discussed the following subjects:

1) Social Media Marketing: What Is It?
2) Social Media & Other Marketing Channels
3) Social Media Madness

1) Social Media Marketing: What Is It?

Before you can utilise any of those social media platforms, you need to plan. Research what social media marketing is and how it affects your digital marketing strategy. Social media marketing is a branch of digital marketing that can drastically transform your business.

Many things will be affected (positively!), especially the way that your business markets its products and services. It really is that simple. Social media has led to the presence of digital marketing, thus creating a whole new way to advertise.

1. Brand Channels

Your business could be completely new to the world of digital marketing however you should still do your research. You should be aware that the channel you choose for your brand is vital to your continued success. Planning how and why each channel would be good for you is a good start. Starting a bunch of Twitter ads and automating them daily would be a waste of time, effort and money with the wrong audience.

However, by researching properly, you can ensure quality leads and increase your company ROI. You should be looking to boost your company productivity if you want to be active on social media. You can do this in the following ways:

  1. Set up your business pages on your preferred social media platforms.
  2. If you haven’t already got one, have a section on your website dedicated to blogs about what you do and how you do them.
  3. Get writing quality content that can be shared broadly across social media platforms.

Your brand doesn’t need to be splashed and saturated everywhere. You should choose the best channels that meet the goals for your brand.

2. Getting Engaged

Your brand needs to be interactive. You can’t just set up Facebook ads on a specific marketing campaign and that’s it. You need to have considered the way you hope to engage your prospective customers. Interact with those who ask questions and comment on your posts. This is a good way to show that your company cares about what people are saying. Running marketing campaigns and competitions for one of your products or services is another good idea. It keeps your posts focused and can help you develop the right community.

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It’s very important to understand that social media marketing is delicate. If your company doesn’t respond to people or engage with others, then the word will spread about your lack of communication and people will withdraw from you.

This can be the kiss of death for any company using social media as a marketing tool. Develop content that people actually WANT to read on your page. This requires you to be as engaging as possible with your responses.

3. Fad Or Friend?

Some may assume that social media is a passing phase, in our opinion they’re wrong.

We’ve developed even further away from traditional marketing – digital marketing is taking over. However, social media is only just getting started. There are more sites developing all the time; the current social media clique of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are constantly developing and updating to be more inclusive of businesses.

The rising statistics on social media for businesses speak for themselves. It’s a piece of a marketing pie that no new business should be without.

2) Social Media & Other Marketing Channels

Business owners sometimes lose sight of the fact that their marketing strategies shouldn’t be beginning and ending with social media. It’s something that should be enhancing the user experience of your website and your business. It should be solidifying your brand as a trustworthy one – rather than being the only thing you use for marketing.

Social media allows you to capture the voice of your company. Give it a personality beyond the ‘professional’ side and allow people to see straight into the heart of what you do.

1. Metrics, ROI & What They Mean

The best thing about social media platforms is that everything you do can be measured. You can measure the data right the way down to the age of the people that are interacting with you. As long as you know why you are measuring what you are measuring and what it’s for, it will always be a powerful tool for your business.

The data that you collect should always be for a valuable reason. The ultimate reason for measurement is the return on your investment, or ROI.

– Invest Wisely

Investing in the right resources is so important to get any kind of return. ROI will look different across your campaigns. Plan out your marketing campaigns before you get started, so that you can measure what you need effectively.

– Set Goals

Even very simple goals; it’s always helpful to know that you are driving the right traffic and can measure the conversion rates.

– Understand

No matter what, it’s important that you understand that your metrics dashboard is only going to give you meaningful insight at the end of a campaign.

2. What Content To Use?

Your business would be severely limiting itself if you only ever updated about product offers and promotions. It’s a mistake that many businesses make when they’re wading into the world of social media marketing, but it’s one that you can avoid. Broaden your content horizons and make it more appealing to consumers by mixing it up a bit.

Some people respond well to vlogs and blog posts that are linked to your business website, (hello, traffic via back-links!). Others do much better when they see you post content that they recognise as directly linked to what they’re interested in.

social media screens flashing with updates

Visibility is so key for your brand. Think about the ways that you can dive into conversations on other web pages. You can often find humorous exchanges online between rival companies (Domino’s and Pizza Hut are great for this). Jumping into conversations can get you recognised and seen by the right people.

3. Update Rate

You don’t have to constantly update. Using automation tools to post something each day is going to increase engagement and draw people into a conversation with you. Your post rate is really going to depend on your audience and how they interact with you, so there’s no rule of thumb here.

Keep your response rate consistent and if necessary, bring in some expert freelancers to help you manage it. Your voice is going to count online. People who interact daily with social media will recognise when responses start to slow down from you.

What Is Your Primary Reason For Using Social Media?

3) Social Media Madness

Social media doesn’t just end with the sites we’ve mentioned. There are plenty of other options online for your business to interact and communicate with others. Casting a wider net can often help your digital marketing strategies, and some of the places you can have a voice and are well worth checking out.


Considered to be more mature forms of social media, forums allow for a more in-depth discussion with users.


We’ve mentioned it above, but with their new Instagram video feature, you could start vlogging as a company and be actually seen, not just metaphorically. With the right hashtags, you can grow an audience better, too.


“YouTube is the second most used online search engine—as in “second-only-to-Google” second. With well over a billion users, it is also the third largest social media network in the world. Video ad revenues were projected to be $2.59 billion in 2017 in the United States alone. YouTube has shot to the top of advertising mediums, used by established companies and startups alike. When it comes to advertising, there is a definite benefit to joining the bandwagon — it’s where the audience is.

The goal should be global connections and interaction with social media. Your marketing strategies are there to boost your brand and give your business a voice. Well, with social media, you can do exactly that.” Credit to Forbes.

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